What is bulk SMS?
Reaching a vast audience at a same point of time is only possible via Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is the only medium available in the market, which allows a business to reach thousand or more than million customers instantaneously. Undoubtedly, it is the powerful standard of communication available at very low pricing structure. An affordable model of marketing, if used correctly with a right SMS partner then a high response can be achieved at a very low cost.

What are the benefits of Bulk SMS India Panel?
1) Unlimited Validity
2) Instant Delivery report
3) An effective API to easily integrate with your software or business application.
4) Avails Sender ID’s
5) Upload Bulk Contacts via Excel sheets
6) Exclusive Algorithm for faster delivery of Bulk SMS.
7) Provides SMS Marketing services in most affordable price.
8) Dynamic Messaging.

What is DND with filtering or without filtering?
DND stands for Do Not Disturb. Under the TRAI’s legal rules and regulations the commercial SMS must not be sent to the DND numbers registered with them. Therefore, the Bulk SMS India offers two different types of routes.
DND with Filtering – In this route, the SMS will be filtered in the run time and it won’t be sent to any of the registered DND numbers.
DND without Filtering- In this route, the SMS sent will be received by the DND numbers. This route does not allows any filtering of SMS.

What is Sender ID?
Sender ID is located in the header of the SMS. It can be alpha numeric and maximum 6 characters. For instance - HDFCBNK

At the point when will I get my sender id approved?
With DND Filtering Sender Ids takes at most 10 minutes to get approved. Without DND Filtering Sender Id takes at most 1 hour to get approved after the examined ndnd frame is submitted and approved.

By what method will I realize that my sender id is approved?
You will instantly receive a SMS notification after the sender id is approved. You can begin sending SMS immediately with that sender id.

What is the difference between Bulk SMS User and Bulk SMS Reseller?
The Bulk SMS users take Bulk SMS for the purpose of the communication with their customers and use for their business purpose.
The difference between end user and reseller is a very simple. End user uses the Bulk SMS services for the self-purpose and of course the reseller is the person who buy bulk SMS Service from the service provider and resale to another user. Reseller act as intermediary between bulk SMS Service provider and end user. ¬

What is “TM“or“BL” which appears on SMS?
As per the strict guidelines of TRAI, “TM” or “BL” are operator codes. These operator codes gets added to the SMS routinely when the SMS is sent.
TM -Tata Maharashtra

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